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What exactly are you afraid of?

Posted on September 9, 2015 at 2:15 PM

As I sit and reflect on the last 8 months of starting Lips by Ke’Nichole it truly amazes me that I actually followed through on a passion that I had no idea I would become so fixated on; something that would give me so much pleasure; something that I awake, fall asleep, and daydream about daily. The vision that’s been given to me is so strong and clear.


However, through all that, I still feel fearful. I know right, me, the one who started a Lippie line with a YouTube video, a pack of crayons and some coconut oil. Yes me! But fearful none the less of failing, fearful of my product not being welcomed, not being liked, fearful of the measurements not adding up, or the color not turning out right; fearful of not being able to keep up with the hottest new colors or trends; fearful of losing friends; fearful of family and extended family not understanding; fearful of being alone because my business consumes so much of my time, fearful that my children don’t understand that “mommy” is running a business, fearful of not meeting the right people to help elevate me to the next level, fearful of getting complacent, remaining in a stagnant state; fearful of not knowing HOW to effectively run a business, and fearful of not being taken seriously. But most fearful of “what if this doesn’t work.”


****light bulb moment***


When the dust settles and I clear out all those fears in my head I then think, but what if it DOES!?!?!? What if what I prayed for came to pass? What if, with hard work, dedication and perseverance I could achieve exactly what I pray and daydream about? So I ask you: what exactly are you afraid of? I find that through prayer, and a great support system Ke’Nichole is destined for greatness. Of course all the hard work falls on me but it’s my dream and no one should work harder for their dream than you. Success will not just fall in your lap, you truly have to stake your claim on and go get it! Surround yourself with go-getters, with those that can help you achieve your goals; those that exude positive energy and genuinely want you to be successful.


I believe to be fearful of the unknown is pretty human, however to not go after something strictly because of fear, that I can’t agree with or abide by. You won't know til you try. #bloop

Signed: Ke’Nichole

#yourlipconsultant :)

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